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What Tampa Homebuyers Pay the Most Attention To

A real estate agent showing a house to a couple

Now is the perfect time to sell your Tampa home. Why? Because the demand is bigger than ever, and deals are closing daily. However, if you want to sell your house fast and for the best possible price, you should consider improving its overall condition.

Clean the carpets and hardwood floors, repaint the walls, declutter all rooms, etc. But, if you want to do something that will significantly increase your home's value, you should work on the things that Tampa homebuyers pay the most attention to.

You may have some of these things in your home, so all you have to do is spruce them up. And if you don't, you might want to add them. But of course all of this is dependent upon your home's specific situation, and I'm always happy to provide personalized advice based on your timeframe and preferences, so please reach out to me for a consultation.

Laundry Room

According to the statistics, approximately 90% of homebuyers in Tampa say that they want to have a dedicated laundry room in their new home. This is especially important for bigger families who are ready to upsize. We all want a place where we can hide our dirty clothes! So, if you have a laundry room in your home, great. But, if you do not, you might want to consider adding it. They key is making sure it's attached to the home in some way. No one wants to walk through the yard to do laundry if they can avoid it! f you've got space in an attached garage to add machines, great! If not, consider adding an addition on the back of the home (with all the proper permits of course). While most homes in our area have some sort of laundry area, those that don't can benefit from having one installed. Laundry rooms are something that Tampa homebuyers pay the most attention to, so make a place for one in your home if you want to sell it for a good price.

In-Home Office

One of the things that 2020 has taught us is that most of us can work from home (at least in some capacity). Seeing how the pandemic is still not over, and nobody knows when or if people will go back to a more traditional work environment full time, another thing that Tampa home buyers are looking for is space for a home office. Trying to work with children running around, pets seeking attention, noises from the TV, and smells from the kitchen is hard - even impossible depending on what it is you do. So, buyers want an extra space that can be used as an office. A quiet area that is separated from all other rooms and family members. So if you have a space in your home that can serve as an office, this is a great added benefit to current and future home buyers. Whether you are transforming a room you already have to be more office friendly, or creating a space by adding walls or a door, making a home office part of your floor plan can help sell your home. Moreover, try to make it look like an office for showings too - add a desk and chair, add shelves, take out dressers, etc. This is not a significant investment but it is an investment that can be worth your while.

Energy Efficiencies

More and more people around the world are going green. So in Tampa, just like everywhere else in the world, people are looking for energy-effective solutions that can save the planet and cut down their monthly costs at the same time. Having some of these green alternatives in your home will increase the value of your property and help get your home sold in no time.

While it can be expensive replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones (and hurricane resistant glass if you need it for your area) can add a lot of value to a home and make potential future buyers very excited. It will cut costs on cooling your home as they will be more insulated and can also help with noise reduction. If you have older windows and are considering some larger updates in order to get your home ready for sale, new windows can make a big difference.

Or, you can replace your older appliances and lighting fixtures with their more eco-friendly versions. By switching your regular light bulbs with LED ones, you can save up to 15% on your electricity bill. Making these changes can be pricey, but they can also save a lot of money in the long run and are the right choices to make if you knew you had to replace those things before selling anyway.

Well-Maintained Yard

Yards are another thing that more and more home buyers are paying attention to. They can be a place for relaxation, hobbies, entertaining, keeping children and pets happy, and so much more. But they can be time consuming and expensive to tackle upon first moving into a home, so making sure the yard is already an inviting place for the new owner can be a good way to encourage buyers to put in a great offer. They want to make moving to a new home as easy as possible, so having a back yard that is already taken care of for them is a big plus. Some things to focus on if your yard needs work include re-seeding your lawn if it's looking patchy, installing irrigation if needed, sprucing up the area with easy to maintain trees and flowers, and maybe staging the area with some outside furniture. All these things will show the potential new owner of your home that they are getting more than just a great inside space with your home!

Eat-in Kitchen

There is nothing better than having an open concept space that connects your kitchen, dining room, and living room. Homes like these are on everybody's wish lists. However, Tampa homebuyers pay the most attention to eat-in kitchens with a place for a table or an island. This is especially important to families with children and first-time homebuyers who plan on starting a family soon. For them, the kitchen is not only used for cooking and eating but also for doing homework, crafting, and entertaining. This is why homes with this feature sell fast. Buyers who have families compete for these kinds of homes and are always ready to offer more money.

If you are thinking of selling your home and want to make sure you are making the right updates to get it ready, I can help you with that! I provide a personalized in-home consultation and provide a helpful staging checklist that show you what areas you can improve on to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when selling. I also have connections with many local contractors around Tampa Bay who can help you get the job done if needed. Call, text, or email me today to schedule a time to chat about selling your home in Tampa!

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