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You can read my reviews from past clients and I can tell you what I will do to get your home sold, but I also want to share with you some of my recent success stories for my home seller clients. Some of my past listings are highlighted below with details about how I helped my clients achieve their goals in different circumstances.


Hopefully this information shows you that I will represent you professionally and get you the best possible price for your home while also making sure we get you a contract with the right terms to fit your goals. When you list and sell your home with me, getting to the closing table will go smoothly and easily.

  • Esplanade Dr

    • There were 5 owners of this home as their brother had passed away and left it to 5 family members. I worked with the main point of contact to get the home listed and we agreed based on the comparable home sales that $250,000 is what the home likely could have appraised for and therefore the right price to start at. Via negotiation, I was able to get two cash buyers offering $310,000 and then used that multiple offer situation to get one of them to go to $315,000. The home inspection did turn up some issues so after discussing with the sellers what would be the right move for them (repair versus credit), they agreed to credit the buyers $5,000 for repairs so we ultimately ended up selling for $310,000, but the seller still got $60,000 more than they expected.

  • Rockledge View Dr

    • When the owner and I met she disclosed that the roof was original and had been repaired before but she thought it would still pass an inspection. Based on that information and the comparable home sales, we decided to list at $340,000. Ultimately we put it under contract at $391,755. However, knowing that it wouldn’t appraise that high, I made sure the buyer put in an appraisal gap contingency. Unfortunately we discovered during the inspection process that the roof was leaking and needed to be replaced. I put the seller in touch with a roofer who would take payment at closing (so she didn’t need to come out of pocket up front for the expense). Additionally, when the appraiser reached out to appraise the home, I made the argument to them that with the new roof, this home was actually almost as valuable as a new construction home (as it was only 12 years old) and therefore should be compared to much newer homes that were selling at higher prices than the other homes like the sellers in the neighborhood. Thanks to that, the appraiser did end up appraising the home for the full contract price, so the seller got $50,000 more than they expected to at closing. 

  • White Sanderling Ct

    • Picking your real estate agent shouldn’t just be about the price they suggest you list at - you should hire someone with the experience to handle unexpected situations who can provide the best outcome regardless of how the process goes. This client listed with me after being referred to me by her sister (who’s home I had sold earlier that year). We looked at the comparable sales and saw none of the same floorplans in the community had recently sold for over $235,000 so we listed at $235,000. We got several offers, three of which all came in around $255,000. Via negotiation, I was able to get a cash buyer to increase their offer to $257,000 so the seller took that. However, it was discovered during the process that the community had an outstanding lawsuit it was party to (that the seller had not known about previously). At this point, the buyer either wanted a price reduction or was going to cancel the contract. So I reached out to all the other buyers who were interested previously and lined up several backup options for the seller. Ultimately though the seller personally chose to reduce the price and stay under contract with the current buyer (because that made more sense for her), but had she wanted to go under contract with a different buyer, I made sure there would be another good offer lined up for her to take so she wouldn’t have to relist the home.

  • Crestfield Avenue

    • The owner of this property had given her daughter a Power of Attorney to sell the home. Working with her daughter, I suggested ways to get the home ready for sale by removing everything, touching up paint, making a few repairs, etc. The seller and I agreed that based on the comparable home sales, $155,000 was a good price to start at. Via negotiation, I was able to get a conventional loan buyer to offer $185,000 and a cash buyer to offer $172,000. Ultimately as the seller felt the home would not appraise for $185,000 and that the cash buyer would be easier to work with, they took the $172,000 offer and we were able to close within 2 weeks.

  • Meadow Field Circle

    • These were repeat clients who had bought and sold with me before. ​After reviewing the comparable home sales, both the sellers and I agreed on a list price that was a stretch but that we thought we could get because of the neighborhood. We received 12 offers and I was able to get a cash buyer to agree to pay higher than our other offers, over asking price, and the sellers were able to close within 2 weeks.

  • Del Robles Terrace

    • ​I used my “four days on market” strategy and negotiated multiple offers to get the sellers the highest price possible. Knowing the home would not appraise for the contract price, I also got the Buyer to agree to include an appraisal gap contingency, two escrow deposits, and a “good as cash” clause to make sure the sellers will still get the agreed upon price even if the home does not appraise.

  • ​Knightsbridge Court

    • I negotiated multiple offers and made it so that one of the offer's escalation clauses would kick in so we could get the highest amount the Buyers were willing to pay. The first buyer’s escalation clause was for $40,000 over list and we got another (cash) offer at that price. So I told the cash buyer if they wanted to set themselves apart they needed to go to $50,000 above list and they did. I also suggested we go with the cash buyer’s offer because we know it won't appraise for the price it was under contract at.​

  • Cameron Crest Drive

    • I negotiated multiple offers so that one of the offer's escalation clauses would kick in and we could get the highest amount those buyers were willing to pay. I also got the buyers to include a $20,000 appraisal gap contingency. I sent the appraiser the best comps I could, knowing it wouldn’t appraise for the full price. The home did appraise low, but the sellers still got the full price because the Buyers agreed to pay the appraisal gap.

  • Rustic Pine Place

    • I suggested we list at an aggressive start price ($500,000), but the Sellers wanted to list at $485,000 (lower than my recommendation as they wanted it sold fast) so we did. I negotiated multiple offers, and actually got it under contract for $520,000. Unfortunately, the next day the buyer backed out! However, I immediately contacted the second highest offer and got them to come up to the price we had it under contract at before. That meant the Sellers wouldn't have to take a lower offer even though the first buyer backed out. I also got the Buyers to agree to a $7,500 appraisal gap so if the home didn’t appraise for the full price the Sellers would at least be getting more than the appraised value.

  • N Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

    • The seller had interviewed two other agents and both suggested a lower list price than I did. The seller and I did not expect it to appraise for more than $270,000, but out of three offers I was able to get one buyer to go up to $302,000 AND include an appraisal gap of $10,000, so even if the home didn't appraise for the contract price, the Seller would still get at least $10k more than the home was worth. I then met with the appraiser, gave him specific comps, and was able to get him to appraise the house at $302,000. The Seller never expected to get $302,000 and was shocked and obviously happy with the outcome.

  • Woodthrush Way

    • Initially I was able to get this under contact at $25,000 over the asking price. The buyers backed out after 6 days (for personal reasons) and I went back to the previous offers we had and was able to salvage a deal for the sellers. I know we could have gotten a higher second offer but the Sellers didn't want to show the home anymore, so we took a backup offer and still got them $9,000 over asking price.

  • 39th Ave N

    • Based on comparable home sales, the seller and I both agreed on a comfortable list price. He had inherited the home so wanted to get as much money as possible from it, but knew it needed a lot of work. We received multiple offers and over the course of two days I was able to keep negotiating and pushing the offers higher so that we finally got a $40,000 more than expected.

  • Hillcroft Drive

    • Nothing in the community had sold for as high as we got it under contract for, and this home did not appraise for the contract price, but I had negotiated an appraisal gap contingency so the Seller still walked away with the price the Buyer had offered. I also negotiated this deal while on vacation, so I never take a day off from working for my clients!

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