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Cartoon house being built with blueprint
Man and woman looking at plans with man wearing a construction hat
DR Horton Lantana model 3D rendering


When purchasing a home, a buyer has two options: resale or new construction.

  • A resale home is any home that had a previous owner and is now being resold to the next buyer.

  • A new construction home is sold by a home building company to a buyer and they are the first owner of the home.

Many real estate agents never talk to their buyers about new construction because they are not educated about that aspect of the industry and prefer to stick with what they know. Unfortunately, that means their client may be at a disadvantage. New construction may be what the buyer is really looking for, they just didn't know it was an option because they were relying on their agent who never mentioned it.

As a New Construction Specialist and someone who worked in the new home industry before transitioning into general real estate, I bring a huge advantage to the table for my buyers: I can knowledgeably discuss all of their resale and new construction options so they can ultimately find the best home for them in their price range.

As one of my specialties, I have dedicated several pages of my website to the topic of new construction homes. You can read more at the links below or by using the navigation menu at the top of this page. 

If you already know you want to buy a new construction home and that you need a real estate agent to purchase new construction, please contact me today so we can get started finding your brand new home!

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