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If you're out looking at new homes, the builder's sales representative might try and tell you that you don't need a real estate agent to purchase a new home. But it is just important to have a real estate agent on your side when buying a new home as it is when buying a resale home. Below are 4 reasons you should always work with a knowledgeable agent like myself when purchasing a home from a home builder.

#1 Proper Representation

When you visit a model home, you will most likely interact with the on-site sales agent who works directly for the builder. They are employed by and act as a "single agent" for the builder. That means their fiduciary and legal duty during the transaction is to the builder, not you. They will help you throughout the process, but their loyalty must always be to their employer. With a real estate agent working as a single agent for you, you have the same knowledge and expertise on your side as they do. This makes sure you won't be taken advantage of as you'll have your own real estate professional working just for you in the transaction.

#2 No Additional Cost To You

The builder pays a real estate agent's commission, so there is no cost to you when using a professional's services. Additionally, an agent who is well connected with the local builders receives all the updated information on the builder's latest incentives, which you might not get. This means your agent will help you buy at theright time for you based on the currently available incentives, which is how you ultimately get the best price and deal.

A special note: Buyer beware! You may hear a builder representative or an uneducated real estate agent say you'll get a discount on the price of the home if you don't use an agent, but that's not true! Builder's factor in the cost of commission to every home they build and the agent's commission is paid from a predetermined budget, not the sale of the actual home. That means the price of the home will not go down because that's not where the commission was being paid from. Additionally, the home builder cannot discount the price too much as it would lead to bad appraisals in their community and angry home owners. They need to maintain the integrity of their prices, and homes must stay selling at the same price (or higher) for the community to look attractive to new buyers. This means the builder will not risk lowering a price just because you don't have a real estate agent. If you have more questions about this, please feel free to ask me and I can explain in more detail. 

#3 Simplify Your Search 

There are over 40 home builders in the Tampa area. For you to personally search through all of their websites for exactly what you need would take too much time. On top of that, not all of their inventory is listed online and easily accessible by the public. A well-informed real estate agent can use their tools to quickly find you exactly what you're looking for and schedule tours for you to save you time.

#4 Guide You Through the Process

As previously mentioned, the process of buying a new construction home is just as complex (if not sometimes more so) than buying a resale. Make sure you have an agent on your side who works only for you to help you every step of the way. Through the contract, pre-closing inspections, walk-throughs, and all the way to the closing table, they will be there to support you and keep you informed


Selling new construction homes is a true passion of mine. I believe working with a Realtor® who is both educated and excited about selling new construction is imperative if you're considering purchasing a home of any kind. In addition to doing all of the above for you, below are 4 reasons I think I'm your best resource if you're looking to purchase a new construction home.

#1 Personal History in the New Home Industry

Prior to becoming a general real estate agent, I worked for America's largest new home builder, D.R. Horton, as their lead marketing specialist. I interacted with all the internal departments including contracts, construction, permitting, land acquisition, accounting, and sales. Therefore, I fully understand from the inside out how a home builder works. This translates into knowing all the tiny details that will help find you your perfect new home based on available inventory, upcoming incentives, and community plans. If you're trying to get the best deal on your new home, you need someone like me who can use their inside knowledge of the industry to help you.

#2 I Know The Builders & They Know Me

It helps to work with a real estate agent who has good rapport with the builder's on-site consultants. I take time to tour new communities, get to know the onsite sales people, and consistently stay in touch with them. This means I get the latest inventory updates and incentive information directly from the people who know the most about the communities you're interested in. Clients who work with a real estate agent who actively creates relationships with on-site agents like I do ultimately have a better new home buying experience.

#3 I Know the Best Way to Save You More Money

As I mentioned above, the easiest and best way to save money when buying a new home is actually to use a Realtor® (instead of opting to go it alone). Did you know that builders are more likely to drop their prices six weeks into their business quarter? Or at the end of their fiscal year (which is not always on the calendar year)? Being involved with those who work in the new construction industry, I know when the best time for you to buy is based on their current sales numbers and goals. Don't buy a new home without a Realtor® like me who has insight into this non-public information.

Ready to purchase a new construction home or have more questions? Contact me today so we can talk about your goals!

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