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Pet Etiquette Tips When Staging Your Home

Most would agree that selling your house is a big deal, and that there is so much preparation and planning to do beforehand to ensure the staging process goes off without a hitch. However, when you have a beloved furry friend it can often mean extra work to ensure your house stays immaculate and creates the best first impression possible. But staging your home when you have pets doesn't have to be "ruff" if you follow a few key tips.

1) Make Sure The Front Yard Is Fido-Free

For many prospective home buyers, your front yard is usually the first thing they take note of before inspecting the rest of your home. An idyllic garden is on many homebuyers' wishlists, so it's important that this particular area of your property is in pristine condition to entice a buyer to look further. If you have a dog - big or small - that likes to tear up the yard or yellowing spots that need to be replaced, make sure to take care of that a few weeks before you list your home so that the new grass has time to grow in. Also make sure you are picking up after your pooch so that buyers aren't faced with unwanted surprises.

2) Eliminate Any Off-Putting Odors

No one thinks their own home ever smells of their pets, so for this tip it might be helpful to have one of your pet-free friends with a strong nose come over and give you their honest opinion. Even if they say your home doesn't smell of pets, it's helpful to spend time getting pet odors out of soft fabric by cleaning your curtains, couches, and area rugs. You can also steam clean the carpets, wash your pets toys and bedding, and even give your pet a bath to make sure everything in your home smells fresh. Because while you may not mind the smell of your pet in your home, there may be prospective buyers that find the smell of dogs or cats particularly off-putting (especially if they're not pet-lovers themselves). There are also people who are allergic to animals, and by going through the previously mentioned steps you may make it easier for them to come into your home because there will be less pet dander and allergens. Store-bought pet deodorizers can neutralize any lingering odors or you can hire a professional cleaning company through a website like Angi to find the best upholstery cleaning company in your area - but remember to check those reviews before hiring someone.

3) Prepare Your Pet For The Big Move

This one isn't necessarily a tip to make things easier for you, but rather to make things easy for your pets during the stressful process of showing your home and moving to a new place. While you may be as prepared as can be to make the move you've been planning to do, your dog, on the other hand, may not be. Territorial by nature, pets can often become unsettled in the moving process. So, it may be best to keep them away from the noise and distractions that come with moving house to make the transition process of moving as stress-free as possible to help them adjust better. That may mean:

  • Maintaining your pet's usual routine as best as possible.

  • Moving your pet to a kennel or let them stay with friends or family during the moving process

  • Keeping your pet's favorite toys or bedding close at hand instead of packing it away.

In general, selling a home if you have pets does not need to be challenging, provided you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your house (and nothing else) remains the main focal point in the selling process.

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, Realtor Philippa Main can help you connect with buyers. Get in touch by calling 813-501-5498.

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